Mar 20th, 2019

Samsung has been very coy with the Galaxy Fold. When the company announced the device at Samsung Unpacked 2019 in San Francisco, they didn’t even have a device on hand to show to the press (we were quite disappointed). At MWC 2019 we finally got to see the device, but it was behind glass and unavailable to play with. This wasn’t a good look for Samsung, and now we see why.

A hands on video of an AT&T model of this device has now leaked, and it confirms what we’ve been afraid of: the display crease is bad. Since the device folds, glass is a no go as a coating so plastic has to be used. And it seems like, even though the device int he video has to be fairly new at this point, there’s already a major crease line right through the center. One could argue that it makes the device look cheap, or even damaged.

This isn’t entirely unexpected, as plastic does crease. But it’s absolutely unflattering. The tiny outer screen is also quite ugly, with the black background doing a poor job of disguising the massive bezels. While having the massive inner display is great, most people likely won’t be using it unfolded most of the time. In the end, one handed use is an important part of any phone.

For $2,000, it’s hard not to complain. But it is a first generation product so sacrifices will have to be made. Maybe future display coatings can overcome this. Now we’re curious how a Huawei Mate X fares in this department. Check out the video below!

Via: SamMobile

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