Mar 25th, 2019

Last year in October, Xiaomi announced and launched the Mi Mix 3. The phone featured an interesting design as Xiaomi had opted to use a slide out camera instead of a notch or a hole-punch display. Now it looks like we might be able to expect the successor to the phone, at least according to a recent teaser shared by the company.

In an image shared to Weibo (China’s version of Twitter), Xiaomi put out the image you can see below. It shows the original Mi Mix, the Mi Mix 2, the Mi Mix 3, and then a blank spot which based on this progression, seems to hint that this could be the Mi Mix 4. What’s interesting about this teaser is that the company is hinting at the Mi Mix 4 a bit earlier than we expected.

This is because as we said, the Mi Mix 3 was launched last October and usually phone refreshes have a one-year cycle. Let’s not forget that at MWC 2019, Xiaomi also announced that they would be launching a 5G variant of the Mi Mix 3, so we have to wonder where the Mi Mix 4 will fit into the company’s roadmap for 2019.

That being said, we guess we shouldn’t be too surprised as we imagine that Xiaomi will probably want a successor to the Mi Mix 3 anyway. We’re not sure what kind of specs we might be looking at as it does seem a bit too early to tell, but hopefully, we’ll have more details later on.

Source: Xiaomi (via Gadgets 360)

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