Top 5 Reddit apps: the best way to feed you Reddit need


Reddit is a social media service offering over 500,000 single-subject forums or subreddits as they are called on various subject ranging from sports to “Things I Learned.” Here are a few of our favorite Reddit apps. Use the comment section to let us know your favorite Reddit App


Reddit is the official app of and is free to download. Use the app to stay current on the news as well as find humorous gifs and memes on the interwebs. Log in to the app and have all your subreddit subscriptions readily available to you. The official Reddit app also includes access to features like Chat, Community Group Chat. The biggest drawback I had was the ongoing subscription model used. Instead of a one time fee, the Reddit app charges a monthly subscription.

Install Reddit 

Sync for reddit

Sync for reddit enhances your mobile Reddit experience with their Material interface and clean design. Also included is multi-account support with secure OAuth login, subreddit sync, and multi-reddit sync. Viewing images, GIFs, Gfycat, GIFV, and galleries is easy with the included image viewer. Need customization options? Sync for reddit lets you customize the font size and includes dark and AMOLED modes for viewing your subreddits. Sync for reddit comes in three variations: Free, Pro and Dev. The Pro and Dev versions are $3.99 and remove all ads with the Dev version also receiving software updates prior to full release.

Install Sync for reddit

Relay for reddit

Relay for reddit uses Material design interface to keep a more modern, sleek look to the app. As you might expect, Relay for reddit has many of the same features as other Reddit apps including multiple accounts, themes, and high-resolution thumbnails. One feature I have not seen before is a left-hand viewing mode. If you need to moderate comments or thread, there are comprehensive tools available within the app.

Install Relay for reddit

Slide for Reddit

Slide for reddit has the most theme options I’ve seen with over 12,000 color combinations. Select primary and accent colors and you know have your personalized theme. Other features include an offline mode, multiple accounts, multiple view types, Synccit integration, and support for multiple image services. If these aren’t enough features, the $3.99 Pro version adds a shadowbox mode, gallery mode, auto Night theme, multi-column view, and full Google Drive backup support.

Install Slide for Reddit

Joey for Reddit

The final app in this list is Joey for reddit. This app has all the familiar features(material design, multiple accounts) in a Reddit app but boasts a couple of other unique features. The first feature is a text-to-speech feature that reads aloud long posts and comments. Another unique feature is additional options for Ask Me Anything(AMA) posts. You can read AMA posts in magazine style question and answer format, search for AMAs, show live AMAs and even add upcoming AMAs to your calendar.

Install Joey for Reddit

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