Pocophone F1 wants to be a gaming smartphone with ‘Game Turbo’ feature


The Pocophone F1 is not the most exciting phone we’ve seen, but with its super affordable price and flagship hardware that could rival some of 2018’s high-end handsets, it’s hard not to see why the phone has proven itself to be a hit. Xiaomi has since updated the handset with new features, such as 4K @ 60 FPS video recording, and now it looks like there is another feature that gamers can look forward to.

The company has announced that in an upcoming update to MIUI, they will be bringing “Game Turbo” to the Pocophone F1. For those who are unfamiliar, Game Turbo is actually not a new feature and was introduced with the Xiaomi Mi 9, but it looks like the upcoming update will bring the feature to the Pocophone F1 as well.

Game Turbo will help users of the phone enjoy their gaming experience more on their handset. This is because the feature will try to optimize the phone’s hardware to provide users with more consistent gaming experience, such as clearing your phone’s memory to free up more resources that the game needs in order to run.

It will also allow gamers to take screenshots, record footage of their game, toggle WiFi, and even switch between SIM cards without ever having to leave the game. In a way, this is similar to some of the features we’ve seen in gaming smartphones, like the recently-announced Black Shark 2.

Whether or not users of the Pocophone F1 will actually take advantage of the Game Turbo feature is unclear, but if you fancy yourself a gamer, then this feature could be worth keeping an eye out for.

Source: FoneArena

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