10 cool things that you can now remap to the Bixby button


When the Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched, Samsung finally gave users the option of remapping the Bixby button on the new phone and some of its older Galaxy S devices as well. Previously Samsung had prevented users from remapping the button, leaving users frustrated as it meant disabling Bixby while being left with a button that did pretty much nothing.

Now that the Bixby button on the side of your phone can be remapped, the possibilities feel endless as to what you might be able to do with it, but here are 10 cool ideas that you might want to consider remapping the Bixby button to. You can also check out our tutorial on how to remap the Bixby button in case you haven’t figured it out.

Google Assistant

We should point out that remapping the Bixby button to Google Assistant is not an official option. The good news is that if you were to follow our guide here, it should prove to be a relatively painless process to get Google Assistant remapped to your Bixby button. This does not require users to root their devices and the steps aren’t very complicated either.

Google Maps

If you need to pull up directions quickly without having to comb through your app drawer, then mapping the Bixby button to launch Google Maps will give you a quick access to it. This might be useful if you’re traveling overseas and need to constantly refer to the maps.

Email and communications

If you find yourself going through your email a fair bit on your phone, then having the Bixby button launch your email app at a press of a button will save you precious seconds which can add up throughout the day. This can also be applied to apps like messenger apps such as WhatsApp or Android Messages, depending on which you use more frequently.


Using the Bixby button to quickly launch your music app or favorite music streaming service for times when you need quick access to the music app.


If you’re traveling or if for whatever reason you need to stay on top of the weather, having the Bixby button launch the weather app on your phone will help you save a fair amount of time, especially if you check it quite often.

Google/Samsung Pay

If you need to make payments using Google or Samsung Pay or if you want to access certain loyalty or membership cards, you can map the Bixby button to launch it. That way when you’re at the checkout, you won’t be holding up the line while searching for the app, thus avoiding death stares from other customers.


Planning for a night out? Think you might be too drunk to drive yourself home? If you think that’s how the night will end, then having Uber or Lyft mapped to your Bixby button will make it easier for you to get a ride at the end of the night, instead of drunkenly fumbling through your phone trying to find it.

Tips calculator

Say you’re out with your friends and need to calculate how much to split the bill at the end of the meal, and also how much you should tip your server. Remapping apps such as the Tip Calculator will make it easier for you and your friends to figure out how much to tip your server to ensure no one gets shortchanged.


Got a favorite app that you use when you’re exercising? Maybe Strava or RunKeeper? By mapping the launching of the app to your Bixby button, you will be able to get your app up and running even before you are out the door.

Bixby commands

Bixby commands act as macros of sorts, where you can execute multiple commands at once with a single command. This can be applied to the Bixby button where at the press of the button, you will be able to launch entire routines. Some of the suggested ones from Samsung are pretty cool where you can set it so that when you’re driving, it will turn on Bluetooth, turn off WiFI, and put on a playlist.

You will also be able to customize and create their own set of commands if you know what you’re doing.

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