Xiaomi vision of a smartphone with a 4-sided edge display makes Samsung’s phones sound quaint


While Xiaomi’s presence in the US isn’t particularly huge, the company has still managed to capture the attention of the world with its smartphones which are a combination of affordability, value for money features, and in some cases even its design where the original Xiaomi Mi Mix was a rather impressive-looking phone.

Now in a recently discovered patent, we might have a clue as to what Xiaomi might have up their sleeves next. The company has filed for a patent for a smartphone design which features a literal edge-to-edge display, where the display not only wraps around the sides of the phone, but the top and bottom as well.

Image credit – LetsGoDigital

These days edge-to-edge displays aren’t 100% what they claim as there is still a tiny bit of bezel. Xiaomi’s patent is looking to change that whereas you can see in the render above, it is quite literally 100% display, save for the back of the phone. It is not mentioned where Xiaomi plans on hiding the front-facing camera, but we have heard about some companies are exploring putting the camera under the display without the need for a notch or hole cutout.

Presumably, this smartphone design will also utilize an in-display fingerprint sensor, and judging by what we see, it will also eschew the use of physical buttons which is what Meizu has recently done with its Meizu Zero smartphone. Unfortunately, a patent does not necessarily guarantee that it will become an actual product, so maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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