Android Q will come with improved privacy and permission controls


With all these privacy-related scandals that we’re hearing about these days with the likes of Facebook, apps spying on us, data breaches, we definitely need to rethink our approach to privacy, and Google (of all people) seems to want to help with that with some improvements that they’ve made to Android Q.

Based on what the folks at XDA Developers have found, it appears that Android Q will come with improvements to its privacy and permissions control. For example the operating system will now notify users in the status bar if an app is using your camera, microphone, or location. This means that in the event that an app is access those features of your phone and you don’t remember launching it or giving it permission, this should alert you to it.

Other improvements made to controls include the ability to restriction location permissions to only when an app is in use, which in theory means that apps should no longer be able to track your location unless it is being used. Given that in the past we’ve come across some dubious apps that require permissions to features when they shouldn’t, these improved controls and restrictions should help render such malicious and deceptive apps useless.

Android Q also comes with some changes to the permissions UI, where the updated design will show what features an app has been granted permission, and which have been denied. Note that Android Q developer preview has yet to be released to the public, so some of these features we’re seeing now might change in the future, but it should still give us a good idea of what to expect.

Source: XDA Developers

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