Meizu reveals the smartphone of the future with no buttons, charging port, SIM card slot


Foldable smartphones are expected to challenge the way we view and use our smartphones, but it seems that Meizu could be looking to challenge us in a very different way with the launch of the Meizu Zero. As its name implies, this phone has zero physical buttons, it does not come with a charging port, and there is no SIM card tray either.

We know, it sounds pretty wild! However there is a reason for its design in which Meizu wanted to make sure that the phone IP68 certified, meaning that it will be able to withstand immersion underwater without worrying about water seeping through any of the ports. It relies on wireless charging to juice it up, and also an e-SIM which does away with the need for a physical SIM card slot.

As for its specs, the Meizu Zero actually packs some pretty decent hardware. It uses last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and a 5.99-inch AMOLED display. There will also be an in-display optical fingerprint scanner which is something we’re starting to see more of these days.

It also has some rather nifty features such as pressure-sensitive edges where users can press down on to activate the power or to adjust the volume, which reminds us of the HTC U11 which was actually the first smartphone to introduce such a feature. There is also an under-display sound technology called mSound 2.0 which allows the phone to emit sounds without a external speaker.

Meizu has yet to officially confirm when the phone will be launched or how much it will cost, but it is definitely a very interesting concept.

Source: Lowyat.net

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