Offline YouTube video quality could soon be getting better


YouTube’s ability to save videos for offline watching is pretty neat. It helps users keep themselves entertained when they are traveling in locations where they do not have cell coverage, like overseas. Or it could also be used to help users save on the amount of data they consume by downloading videos over WiFi and watching it later.

The quality of these offline videos, unfortunately, aren’t necessarily the highest, but that could potentially change in the future. A recent APK teardown of YouTube’s app for Android has revealed some strings which hint at higher quality offline videos where users could save videos at Full HD 1080p quality.

At the moment YouTube allows users to save offline videos ranging in quality from as low as 144p all the way up to 720p. With our smartphones now sporting QHD resolutions or higher, 1080p will be an improvement over 720p. That being said, this might vary from phone to phone where lower-end or older devices that aren’t as powerful might not support it.

Of course, higher quality videos means that the downloaded files will be bigger, so it will take up more storage space on your phone, which is something you’ll want to consider as well when selecting the quality of your download. The ability to download videos in Full HD isn’t available yet but if the APK teardown is accurate, it might pop up in a future update to the app, so keep an eye out for it if higher quality downloads is something you’ve been looking forward to.

Source: Android Police

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