LG teases smartphone with touchless gestures


Touch has primarily been the way we interact with our phones. There are digital assistants where we can use our voice to do certain tasks, but at the end of the day, touch is still very much king. LG wants to challenge that notion because in a teaser video that they uploaded for MWC 2019, the company is teasing that touchless gestures could be the next big thing.

The teaser is rather brief, as you can see for yourself in the video below, but basically it involves a piece of paper, a hand hovering over it, and with a swiping gesture made in the air, words appeared. Presumably this is the concept that LG plans on introducing to one (or some) of their phones at MWC 2019.

The company is largely expected to debut the LG G8 at the event which will serve as one of the company’s flagship smartphones for 2019. This is actually a new feature that we have yet to hear about. Previously there were rumors that the LG G8 could feature a 3D camera and a sound-on-display technology, but there was no mention of touchless gestures, so this is actually quite a nice surprise.

It is possible that the 3D camera could be what is used to help pick up on these touchless gestures, but we’re speculating here. This is also not the first time that we’ve seen a company attempt touchless gestures. Back in the day, Sony had a similar-ish feature called “floating touch” which was admittedly rather gimmicky, so hopefully LG can change our minds.

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