Jan 23rd, 2019

We’re starting to see more developers introduce a “dark mode” to their apps these days. The idea is simple: dark mode provides an alternative look, helps reduce glare, and based on Google’s own testing, dark mode definitely helps conserve battery life, all of which are positive things.

Most apps tend to just feature a black or dark gray background for “dark mode”, but Twitter’s answer seems to be some weird shade of blue, something that apparently not all of its users appreciate. So much so that when a user brought up the issue, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey responded by saying that he had a conversation with Twitter’s product lead, Kayvon Beykpour, and that they will “fix” it.

We can’t say for sure what prompted Twitter to opt for a dark blue for its dark mode, but presumably given that the company’s logo is blue, maybe they were hoping to keep it all within the same color scheme. There is no word yet on when Twitter plans on making the change.

Dorsey also mentions in a tweet that it would be great if there was an OS level switch that would enable the feature across all apps. There have been several signs which point to Google potentially planning on introducing a system-wide dark mode feature for Android Q, but exactly how that will be implemented and how it affects third-party apps, such as whether developers need to enable it or it is automatically applied, remains to be seen.


Source: Twitter

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