Samsung joins in on the #10YearChallenge fun, teasing its foldable smartphone


Last year when Samsung took the (partial) wraps off its foldable phone, we have to say that we were slightly disappointed since apart from seeing a screen that could fold, not much else was revealed about the device so it was really anyone’s guess as to what it might look like, what kind of features it might have, and so on.

Samsung is expected to make that all official next month during the company’s planned 20th of February event for the Galaxy S10, which is exactly what they seem to be teasing as well. In a series of Instagram Stories posted on Samsung Nederland’s page, the company has decided to hop onto the viral #10YearChallenge that has been making its rounds.

They first showed off a Samsung Galaxy smartphone from back in 2009, followed by a phone that showed the outline of its foldable phone that will be launched in 2019. Even though it’s just an outline, just the concept of a phone with a foldable/flexible display is remarkable when you consider how much simpler smartphones were back then.

One could also make the argument that our phones these days are considerably smarter, and if maybe calling such devices “smartphones” back then was a bit of an overstatement. In any case if we are reading these hints and teases right, we should have all the official details in about a month’s time, so be sure to check back with us then for more updates on the Galaxy S10 and Samsung’s foldable smartphone.

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