LG will be skipping the foldable smartphone fad and re-embrace the modular smartphone


Many are undoubtedly excited to see what Samsung will be bringing to the table in terms of foldable phones, something that the company is teasing for its upcoming 20th of February event, ahead of MWC 2019. Samsung won’t be alone as we have heard that Huawei and even Xiaomi could launch such devices this year as well.

One company that seems to be sitting this one out is LG who is apparently not planning on showing off any foldable phones at MWC 2019. This isn’t to say that LG isn’t working on a foldable phone, but rather if they are, their tech won’t be on display at the event. Instead, LG is reported to be showing off a new smartphone (presumably the LG G8) where it could feature an optional attachment that would give the phone a second screen.

The concept behind foldable phones is that when folded it is the size of a phone, but when unfolded gives users extra screen real estate like a tablet, which we imagine is what LG is trying to mimic with the second screen attachment. From what we’ve seen of foldable devices, when folded they tend to be quite thick, so a removable second display means that users can maintain the thinness of their mobile devices.

What we find interesting about this rumor is that several LG G-generations ago, the company actually explored the idea of modular smartphones, but later got rid of that. This report makes it sound like LG could sort of be revisiting that idea again. However, none of this is official so take it with a grain of salt for now.

Source: CNET

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