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The stylish Cavalier Audio The Air merges the smart speaker with wireless charging


We’ve seen our share of smart speakers that come with digital assistants integrated into them. However we reckon that Cavalier Audio might have taken the cake with theirs because the company has announced “The Air”, a stereo sound system that not only features smarts, but other handy functions too.

This includes wireless charging that will be compatible with Qi devices, and also a built-in LED clock. This means that not only do you get a speaker, but you get a wireless charger and a clock all in one. The fact that it looks pretty sleek and minimalist with its choice of a wooden frame is an added bonus.

Now the digital assistant that Cavalier Audio has chosen to use if Alexa. This isn’t surprising given how early on Amazon opened up Alexa to developers, making it easy to adopt it. We would have loved to see it integrated with Google Assistant as well, but perhaps that could come at a later date via a firmware update. However for now users will only have Alexa to choose from.

The speaker system itself features two active drivers and a large passive radiator. There are options to connect to it using either Bluetooth or WiFi, and there are additional USB ports for charging in case your device doesn’t support wireless charging, or if you have additional gadgets that need to be charged.

Cavalier Audio will be launching The Air on the 15th of January where it will be priced at $299.99, which is actually somewhat reasonable when you consider all the features that it is packing.

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