iOttie announces new wireless charging desk and car docks


Sitting at a desk affords you the luxury of being able to keep your mobile devices charged easily just by plugging it into the wall outlet or your computer. However, if you’re constantly on the go, then this gets a bit trickier, but not to worry because at CES 2019, iOttie has actually announced several mobile solutions.

These come in the form of three product offerings: the Easy One Touch Connect smartphone car mount, the Auto Sense Wireless Fast Charging Car Mount, and the iON Wireless Go Portable Battery Pack. Starting with the Easy One Touch Connect car mount, this is a smart car mount because it actually comes with Alexa integrated into it.

This means that while you drive, you’ll also get access to all of Alexa’s skills including the ability to control your smart home devices even while on the move. If you don’t have a car with more modern infotainment systems like Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto, then we reckon this could make a pretty decent alternative.

Then there is also the Auto Sense Wireless Fast Charging Car Mount, which is pretty self-explanatory based on its name. It is a mount that offers wireless charging, but what makes it unique is a sensor that detects when a device is near, and a servomotor will activate to help keep it in place.

Last but not least is the iON Wireless Go Portable Battery Pack which is basically a battery pack that can offer wireless charging for Qi-compatible devices. It will sport a 10,000mAh battery, a fabric cover to help protect your devices, and USB-C and USB-A ports which you can use to charge devices via a wired connection if you prefer.

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