Samsung imagines a smartphone with dual, detachable displays

Image credit - LetsGoDigital

Samsung is tipped to launch its foldable smartphone this year. While the jury is still out on whether foldable phones will be the next standard in smartphone design, there are certain advantages to such a design as it can be compacted to a smartphone size when necessary, but expanded to tablet-size when a larger display is needed.

However in a recently discovered patent by the folks over at LetsGoDigital, it seems that Samsung could have another unique and interesting idea for a smartphone/tablet hybrid. In this particular patent, it talks about a dual display smartphone where through a magnet place along the sides, it can attach and detach from one another.

Image credit – LetsGoDigital

One of the advantages we imagine of such a design is that its modularity. For example Samsung could sell the “main” portion of the phone, and if users want they can buy the secondary screen portion to extend the display. This would give users more options versus foldable displays which are fixed.

It also opens up the possibility of even more powerful multitasking capabilities, where one screen could be used to watch videos, while the other could be used to surf the web or send a text message. Also its dual display design is reminiscent of the Nintendo DS handhelds which could also open up the possibilities for game developers.

However since this is just a patent, it’s hard to say if Samsung has plans to make it a reality. In the meantime what do you think? Is this a design that you might prefer over a foldable phone?

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