13 Android-Loving YouTubers Worth Following


We all know about MKBHD (who just won creator of the decade), the Official Android Channel, and channels for the popular Android blogs, but what other YouTubers are regularly creating amazing content regarding Android? Here are 11 Android-wielding YouTubers worth subscribing to- share your other favorites in the comments!

Sam Bechkam

Although Sam tracks and discusses a wide variety of tech topics, Android seems to be among his favorites. He posts high quality content several times a month and often does roundups of two noteworthy topics: Android Apps of the Month and Best Nova Setups. For the latter he accepts submissions from subscribers and shows off their custom setups in a highlight video. It’s fun to see how different people organize their phone and helpful for finding new layouts and tweaks to try for yourself.


An avid redditor and staple in /r/androidgaming, NimbleThor focuses specifically on mobile games, uploading game suggestions every single weekday. He’s been consistently publishing new videos for the past year and has no sign of slowing down. In fact, Friday will mark his 1-year anniversary of sharing top Android Game picks on Reddit. To thank his subscribers, he’s publishing a very special and highly-requested video on that day. If you love Android games, NimbleThor is a channel you need to check out.


This self-deprecatingly named channel from Albert Torres features lots of cool stuff that Android lovers can put to good use. He offers practical insight from his personal life, without any hint of loser status. Previously an avid user of “The Clapper”, Albert explains how and why he replaced the age-old accessory with a WiFi socket in the above video. Definitely worth a subscribe (clap clap clap).


David Cogen has been covering tech topics on YouTube since 2008 and still posts new videos several times each week. Although he does feature the typical device reviews and tip videos, he also uploads unique videos you won’t likely see elsewhere. He admits in one recent video that there’s likely no reason you’d want to follow the tutorial, yet explores how to run Android on your computer anyways- for the love of the game. It’s rumored that Android Messages is coming to the web soon… so we’ll wait for that, but thanks David!

Copper vs. Glass

Michael from Copper vs. Glass doesn’t get enough credit (or views) for his regularly posted, high quality, Android-focused videos- hopefully this post boosts his much deserved growing subscriber count. At the start of the year he shared a “What’s on my phone?” style video that should give you an idea of his style. He covers topics ranging from Android theming and feature tips to Android gaming and lesser known accessories. If you’re willing to forgive that the iPhone is his current daily driver, give him a watch!


This young lady is a breath of fresh air in a world of male-dominated tech news media. She’s incredibly knowledgable, goes well beyond skimming the surface, and talks to users about sometimes more complex topics in a comfortable and inviting way. Take for example her recent video about NordVPN or unlocking your Galaxy S9. Above are some of her top Android App picks for April 2018.

Armando Ferriera

It seems like Armando has been creating YouTube content forever (and that’s a good thing). He publishes a handful of videos each month, often covering Android. He includes just as much iPhone related content and focuses about half his time on photography and accessories, which ends up being a really nice mix for general tech lovers and Android enthusiasts alike. His recent “Galaxy S9 Camera” video (shown above), for example, put that iPhone expertise to good use by providing helpful side-by-side comparisons.


Arun Maini

At over 1M subscribers he doesn’t need any help promotional help, but “Mr. WhoseTheBoss” is worth checking out if you haven’t found his channel yet. His well produced and edited videos are beautifully composed and cover a wide range of (usually) Android topics. Take for example this recent video sharing some of the most beautiful Android games with less than a million downloads.

Francesco – Keep Productive

I’ve been focusing a lot more on ways to simplify, improve, and organize my digital life and was happy I stumbled upon the Keep Productive channel run by Francesco. He focuses specifically and entirely on productivity, doing deep dives on specific apps, comparisons between apps, surfacing new apps, and a whole lot more. He’s an iPhone users but his videos are typically applicable to both platforms. If you’re looking for ways to improve your mobile productivity, I highly suggest subscribing. And stay tuned to the Phandroid channel as I’ll be sharing some of my own findings in the productivity space as well.

Zachary Anderson

He only publishes a few times a month, but it’s quality over quantity- right? He has a light and casual style that makes watching his videos fun. Check out this recent video sharing 3 lesser known Android Wallpaper apps that you might want to check.


There are more Android users in India than anywhere else in the world and this media company targets that audience. However, they’re “tech that matters” videos are of general interest on a global scale. Take for example the above video which dissects the stripped down “Android Go” apps and explains why they make so much sense for Android users.

Tim Schofield

His videos aren’t flashy, but Tim’s straight forward approach to covering the latest Android gadgets is refreshing. His videos are timely, to the point, and easy to digest. He recently did a Q&A video to discuss which phone he took on a trip to Thailand (seen above). Any guesses? SPOILER: Yep, the Google Pixel 2 XL for its battery life and of course the amazing camera.

Android Developers

This is a bonus pick: the Official Google Youtube Channel for Android Developers has less than 600k followers. That’s likely because 90% of the content is dry and boring for consumers, but every now and then you’ll spot a diamond in the rough. Take for example this side-by-side comparison of downloading and playing Clash Royale compared to the “Google Play Instant” option which lets you play and test apps and games before ever downloading them. For Android lovers who can’t get enough, you’ll definitely want to subscribe.

Share Your Favorite YouTubers

There are TONS of YouTubers creating amazing content about Android- these are just a handful of suggestions. Share your favorite Android or Tech focused YouTubers in the comments! And if you enjoyed this article, let us know in the comments so we can do similar follow up articles using your feedback!

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