LG brings ThinQ features to the standard V30


At MWC 2018, LG unveiled a revamped model of the LG V30, with the V30s ThinQ lineup. This lineup features the same body and many of the same specs, save for a few improvements in the software department.

The odd thing about the V30s ThinQ was the price, as it started at $975, while the Plus model was priced at over $1,000. Sure, you get an extra 2GB of RAM and at least 128GB of storage, along with a slew of new AI-enhanced features. But is all of that really worth the cost?

Well, if you live in LG’s home country of South Korea and you purchased this device, you may feel a bit swindled. That’s because LG has already started bringing many of the “special” features from the ThinQ lineup to the original V30.

These features include QLens, AI Camera, and Bright Camera. However, there has been no mention as to when these will launch outside of South Korea.

Let us know what you think about this move in the comments below and if you think LG should go back to the drawing board yet again.


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