LG confirms an AI-enhanced version of the V30 is coming at MWC 2018


After weeks of speculation and rumors, LG has finally confirmed that it will be unveiling a new device at MWC 2018. However, if you’ve been paying attention to the headlines, this release won’t be the same as years past.

Instead of releasing a brand-new smartphone with a new design, new specs, and new features, LG is taking a step back. The company has decided to end its attempt to join the rat race with Samsung and will be focusing more on enhancing previous versions of devices.

This brings us to last night’s announcement. LG confirmed that a new version of the LG V30 would be launched at MWC 2018. We’ve seen rumblings that this would be the case, and that the device would be focused more on AI than any other LG phone before.

While there has been no official name mentioned for this new LG V30, we are expecting the device to be called the LG V30s (think iPhone 6s). As for the design, the new device will likely be a spitting image of its predecessor, save for a couple of new colors or something of that nature.

On the spec front, there has been no mention as to whether the 2018 LG V30 would see a spec bump, or if the device would literally keep the same specs from last year. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to at least see a RAM and storage bump.

The biggest change coming to LG’s latest device comes in the form of artificial intelligence. The company is introducing “Vision AI” which will “automatically analyze objects and recommend the best shooting mode” when taking pictures.

LG claims that has collaborated with a “partner in image recognition” in order to analyze “over 100 million images”. The reason for this is to help develop the necessary algorithms that the AI needs to help determine which camera mode is best to be used.

Finally, LG is introducing ‘Voice AI’ which will give owners of the new V30 the ability to use LG-exclusive voice commands with Google Assistant. These commands range from taking pictures with the wide-angle lens, to performing an image search.

LG seems pretty darn excited about these new AI-enhanced features for the 2018 LG V30. However, we’ll have to wait a couple of more weeks before seeing what this new feature is really made of.


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