The LG G7 might have had a notch at some point


The most interesting device to come out of Mobile World Congress may have been a device that wasn’t even announced. This little beaut you see here is currently being referred to as the LG G7 “Neo”.

No one is quite sure what this device is or what it’s supposed to be. Word from the grapevine is that this is the flagship LG G7 (or whatever its name was going to be, we still don’t freaking know) device LG was originally working on before they decided to scrap it and start over for what’s now being referred to as ‘Judy’.

We’re kind of relieved if that is indeed the case, though, because it appears LG was looking to follow in Apple’s footsteps for the first time ever with a notch display of their own.

You’ll notice in the 2 photos that one appears to show a notch while the other doesn’t, but looking more closely will reveal that the screenshot without the notch is actually some clever status bar trickery. There’s not much else to say about the front — it looks like a damn iPhone.

And then you turn the thing over and it looks like an HTC U11. So yeah, perhaps it was best that LG went back to the drawing board to make something that truly stands out.

Anywho, should this thing ever launch, it was going to have a Snapdragon 845 chipset, up to 6GB of RAM, up to 128GB of storage, dual rear cameras with the lowest aperture being f/1.6, and a 3,000mAh battery. That sounds about par for the course no matter what LG’s bringing out. Let’s just hope they make their minds up before their mobile division keeps tanking.

Ynet (translated) via @evleaks
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