LG’s mobile division posts another loss for Q4 2017


The last few years have not been too kind to LG as the company has struggled to keep up with the competition, being completely overshadowed by Samsung year-after-year. This is even more apparent in 2017, as LG has shared its Q4 2017 financial results, showing that the mobile division had an operating loss of $192.33 million.

At first glance, you are likely expecting for me to spell out the demise of LG, but if you look at the latest financial results compared to Q3 2017, LG has rebounded quite nicely. In Q3, the company posted an operating loss of $331.37 million, so essentially LG has shaved its losses by almost $150 million in just a quarter.

The positive outlook on LG’s mobile division from Q4 2017 was driven by the release of the LG V30, which saw many different deals during the holidays as it competed against the more-expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Looking to the future, things are looking a bit bleaker as LG has not only scrapped its plans for the LG G7, but the company is opting to delay the launch of a modified LG V30 due to Samsung’s presence at MWC 2018.

2018 is going to be extremely interesting for LG, as the company has decided to end the rat-race of following a specific release schedule for its flagship lineup of devices. Instead, the company will be releasing new devices “when necessary”, which could either help boost the company even more or could spell disaster.

Let us know what you think about the company’s financial results and if you are looking forward to seeing what LG is working on for 2018.


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