Pixel Visual Core app updated in the Google Play Store


The Pixel Visual Core Service — responsible for “high performance image processing on the Pixel 2 and 2 XL — is seeing an update today in the Google Play Store. It’s not clear exactly what the update brings, but it does appear to improve image processing time when snapping HDR+ photos (either Auto or Enhanced). Of course, any improvement is welcomed, even if it’s just the usual bug fixes.

The reviews are actually pretty hilarious, with users trolling the Play Store with posts citing everything from curing color-blindness, taking pictures in 4D, or even brewing coffee. If nothing else, the comments show exactly how happy Pixel 2 customers are with their devices and that amazing camera that can’t be beat. It’s all thanks to HDR+ and the Pixel 2’s Pixel Visual Core.

If you haven’t yet, you can jump into the Play Store where the update should be waiting for you. The app listing is linked below.

Pixel Visual Core Service on Google Play

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