Google Clips app appears in the Google Play Store, camera should be shipping soon


Remember Google Clips? It was announced during Google’s “Made by Google” event alongside the Pixel 2. The company’s first dedicated AI camera, Google Clips only became available for sale last month and with delivery dates scheduled for “early March,” we’re nearing an official release. But before that can happen, the official Google Clips app is now popping up in the Google Play Store.

The app listing gives us some clues as to how Clips will function, with the camera snapping a bevy of photos and the user jumping into the app to save the ones that came out the best onto their phone. There’s some light editing done in the app to crop/center images, and you can choose between still or Motion Photos.

Here’s the full feature list for those interested (and still waiting) in Google Clips:

  • Transfer your clips in seconds from your camera to your phone
  • View your clips to select your favorite moments
  • Save clips easily to Google Photos or your phone’s photo gallery
  • Share clips directly with your friends and family
  • See what your camera sees with Live Preview
  • Remotely capture clips even when the camera is a few feet away
  • Pick the best frame from any clip and save as an auto-enhanced still photo

You can find the Google Clips by hitting the button down below. Anyone out there pick one of these up?

Google Clips on Google Play

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