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The OnePlus 5/5T is one of the best Android devices you can buy for the money, but that doesn’t mean the phone is without its faults. One of the stranger issues owners have had to deal with since launch was the phone’s inability to to stream Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, and Amazon Video in full HD 1080p.

It’s a weird bug, one that has to do with the phone’s lack of hardware support for Widevine DRM (Widevine Level 1). OnePlus is now asking owners of their devices to mail them into their offices if they’d like to get HD streaming up and running.

So why can’t a simple software update fix this? That’s because of the way Widevine DRM works, requiring a key-box to be installed at the factory — hence sending the phone in to be modified by OnePlus themselves. It’s not clear whether or not new devices purchased from OnePlus’ website will have the same issues with HD video playback on Netflix and Amazon Video, but we certainly hope not.

OnePlus says they’ll cover the shipping costs in North America, Europe, India, or China, with the entire process taking around 5 business days. That means you’ll have to find a spare device laying around if you don’t want to be without cell service for a week.

To get the process started, simply contact OnePlus’ support team at the link provided below.

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