Huawei P20 Lite and Pro leaked renders show iPhone X-like notch, 3 camera setup


Huawei pretty much hit a home run with the recently released Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro but the manufacturer has another flagship that’s sure to please. We’ve already seen invites heading out for a March 27th event in Paris, France where they’ll be announcing this year’s Huawei P20 (the name hasn’t actually been confirmed yet but it will be a followup to last year’s P10).

We know Huawei is planning something big for the design of the phone — which will come in 3 versions: Lite, regular, and Pro — but up until now, nothing has been leaked. Thankfully, @OnLeaks is back again with his famous 3D renders of both the Lite and Pro models, giving us a better idea of what Huawei has planned for the design.

Rumored P20 Pro (name TBD)

On the P20 Pro, you can see an interesting three camera setup on the back of the phone. Two of the cameras look to share the same housing (likely the Leica-branded color/monochrome sensors found on previous devices), while a third camera sits just underneath. This third camera is rumored to be a 5X optical zoom lens for closing the distance on your subjects, and we’re sure it will also be used for some kind of portrait mode.

Rumored Huawei P20 Lite (name TBD)

You’ll notice the absence of a fingerprint reader on the front or back of the phone, but an interesting iPhone X-like notch on the front display that’s also visible on the P20 Lite. For the P20 Pro, I’d be willing to put money on the phone relying on facial recognition for lockscreen security, something that’s quickly becoming the latest trend in high-end smartphones these days.

So far this device is looking extremely nice although I, personally, don’t find the notch very appealing. Looking over these leaked 3D renders — what do you guys think?

Tiger Mobiles | via Twitter 1, 2

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