Popular app CCleaner could be turning into crapware


CCleaner is an extremely popular app for both PC and Android. It has racked up close to 100 million downloads since it arrived on Android in 2014. We even included it on our list of best apps to free up space because a lot of people swear by it. The company behind CCleaner, Piriform, was acquired by Avast last summer. Are sketchy changes on the horizon?

A lot of the “cleaner” apps on Android have bad reputations. CCleaner has been on of the best apps in this category. It looks like Avast could be making some big changes that Android users won’t be happy about. The app is being completely reskinned and rebranded to “Avast CleanUp.” They have removed some of the core features, but yet the app is now 5 times larger.

We have also received claims that the app is collecting user data behind the scenes, though we can’t confirm this to be true. It’s a little too early to cry “crapware,” but some signs seem to be pointing in that direction. Are you a CCleaner user? What do you think about this news?

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