Jan 11th, 2018

It was last week that news broke about a massive vulnerability found in most modern processors. The vulnerability could allow hackers to read protected memory but is easily fixed by a software update with only a slight cost in performance.

Google had actually known about the vulnerability since May of last year and already patched up the Spectre variants that targeted AMD and ARM processors. The other variant — dubbed Meltdown — affected every Intel processor, including those found on Chromebooks.

To help ease concerns from Chromebook users, Google has now published a list of all Chromebooks that will be patched against Meltdown (CVE-2017-5754) on their Chromium OS Projects page.

Not every Chromebook in existence was able to make the cut (and there have been a lot of Chromebooks sold to date), so you’ll probably want to perform a quick “control+f” and search for the specific model number of your Chromebook.

Those listed as “Yes,” or “Not needed” are already safe, while “No” means an update will eventually make its way to the device. It’s the “EoL” ones that have already seen their “end of life” and will never see an update.

Now that you’ve seen the list, did your Intel-based Chromebook make the cut?

Chromebooks Receiving Meltdown Vulnerability Patch
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