Jan 8th, 2018

GoPro has found themselves in a bit of trouble the past few years. After making a name for themselves in the action camera market, an attempt was made at expanding their product line to include drones. You know, because outdoorsy types need fun new ways to record themselves being extreme. After much hype (and long delays) their first drone was the Karma which had a bit of a rocky launch. Things got so bad, GoPro was forced to recall the product after units flew away and never came back.

To no surprise, it seems GoPro was a little in over their head and after the rocky launch of the Karma drone, GoPro has announced they’ll be exiting the drone business entirely. The companies stock prices dropped as much as 25% following the news, with reports that GoPro would be laying off as many as 300 people. Sales for the $800 Karma wont stop immediately. GoPro plans on selling the remaining inventory but after that, you likely wont see another GoPro branded drone again.

But drones are only half of the GoPro’s troubles. The company is now rumored to be looking for a buyer (sound familiar?) as it restructures its business. To help spur sales of its newest camera — the Hero6 Black — GoPro is officially slashing the price of the model from $500 to $400, which just so happens to be the same price tag the previous Hero5 Black launched with.

The Hero6 Black offers a handful of improvements over the previous generation model with more vibrant picture quality, 4K 60fps shooting, 1080p at 240fps, and an integrated touchscreen display. At $400, it’s not a bad deal for those looking to record a weekend getaway or jump start their YouTube vlogging career.

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via ArsTechnica | CNBC

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