The ‘Sandstone’ OnePlus 5T may be arriving as soon as January 5th


Over the last two years, we’ve learned that OnePlus likes to release new variants of its flagship devices at various times throughout the year. We’ve seen the Colette OnePlus 3T, and a ‘Soft Gold’ variant of the OnePlus 5 released.

These new versions are released to help keep sales pumping for whatever OnePlus device is available at the time, and it seems that the OnePlus 5T may soon be available in a familiar covering. When the OnePlus One was released, one of the most popular options was the ‘Sandstone’ backing, as it provided more grip for users and became one of the iconic parts about getting a OnePlus device.

However, while there is a ‘Sandstone’ cover available for the OnePlus 5T, it seems that the company is working on a new version of the device which features the Sandstone covering. This comes after OnePlus posted a teaser video called “What’s in the Box?” and shows random folks touching something in a OnePlus box, but the product isn’t revealed.

Today, OnePlus has posted a teaser on Weibo sharing that some type of announcement will be made on January 5th stating that “The classic returns”. Considering how popular the Sandstone backing was for the original OnePlus One, this is the most logical conclusion to draw.

With the announcement being made this Friday, OnePlus definitely wants to get in the headlines as CES 2018 will be kicking off next week. Let us know whether you would buy a OnePlus 5T with a Sandstone back, or if you’ll just stick to using one of the official OnePlus covers for your device.


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