Official: OnePlus 5 limited edition ‘Soft Gold” color option is coming soon


After teasing that a new color option would be added the OnePlus 5 family nearly a week ago, the new — much lighter — Soft Gold OnePlus 5 is now official. There’s not much to say about it. It’s practically the same color as we saw hit the OnePlus 3/3T, only OnePlus tells us the finish is now 30% finer thanks to an improved sandblasting process.

The color definitely looks classy, although probably closer to a champagne color than actual gold. Renders like the ones above make the color seem really rich, but it seems to change a bit according to the light hitting it. I’ve seen real photos of the phone where it looked completely silver, and others where it’s definitely more gold. Definitely an interesting color choice, especially for those that like white bezels on their phones.

The Soft Gold OnePlus 5 (64GB/6GB) will be available on August 7th, at 12PM ET for $480, while the souped up 128GB/8GB model will be available in the coming weeks for $540. The color sounds very limited, so you may want to mark your calendars if you’re thinking about picking one up.

via OnePlus

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