Snapchat is reportedly gearing up to bring its content outside the app with Stories Everywhere


Ever since Snapchat launched, it’s been extremely reluctant to bring any of their content — either from users or brands — outside of the app. Snaps, user Stories, and Discover Stories could only be accessed inside the app and to view them, you would have to sign up first. But Snapchat is reportedly gearing up to launch a new feature that could drastically change this core ethos.

It’s called “Stories Everywhere” and according to a report, will finally allow Stories to be posted outside of the app. The move is an effort to grow Snapchat’s user base (and get stock prices soaring again) but exactly how this will be accomplished remains to be seen. It’s possible Stories Everywhere could be a simple video player you can post online, similar to the way Twitter allows for tweets and videos to be embedded elsewhere. Or maybe they’ll allow for links to Snaps to be generated on demand, for those that want to share content via other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

A large part of the appeal of Snapchat — at least for some folks — is knowing that the content you share inside the app can’t be easily shared or posted to the outside world. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t have a web interface and made a strong effort to shut down 3rd party app clients. Whether or not the members-only club Snapchat has spent so much time in creating kept it from expanding is the real question. It will certainly be interesting to see how well this feature is received from its most die-hard users.

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