Mount your Google Home Mini to a wall outlet with this simple accessory


The Google Home Mini was one of the hottest gifts this Holiday season. Google dropped the price to just $29 (until the end of 2017), which made it a perfect stocking stuffer for the tech lovers out there. The first thing you have to decide after unboxing the Mini is where to put it. The Mini Back Pack can help.

The Mini requires power at all times, so it can’t be too far from an outlet. It’s also flat on the bottom without any hooks, so it needs to be placed on a flat surface. That might not work with your situation. A clever little accessory will allow you to mount the Mini right at the wall outlet. This way, it doesn’t have to take up counter space or have long cords running all over.

It’s called the Mini Back Pack. All it is is a bracket, a wall plug, and a tiny USB cable. The bracket snaps on to the Mini, which then snaps on to the wall plug, and the tiny cable connects the two. You can get it in white or black to match your model. The Mini Back Pack will only set you back $15 (at the time of posting). It’s a pretty darn clever solution to a problem.

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