Galaxy Note 8 no longer charging after battery hits 0% for some users


Easily one of the biggest news stories in 2016, most Android users remember last year’s Note 7 fiasco like it was yesterday. The monumental blunder cost Samsung millions and while they were able to recoup some of those costs with shiny new devices, the damage done to their reputation was arguably the real loss.

It meant Samsung had to once again prove themselves with this year’s Galaxy Note 8. The phone featured a smaller 3,300mAh battery and the same old Adaptive Fast Charging tech as previous generations. It really seemed like Samsung was playing things on the safe side to avoid any unforeseen issues down the road. So far it seems to have worked. There haven’t been any widespread reports of the Note 8 spontaneously catching fire, although some users are now reporting a strange issue with the device no longer accepting a charge.

Users have been chiming in with their experience in Samsung’s Community Forums with one person even uploading a video to YouTube to show exactly what the issue is. It only seems to happen when the device’s battery is fully depleted. Once the phone hits the 0% mark, it no longer accepts a charge and can no longer be powered on, no matter how long it’s left to charge.

Samsung appears to be accepting returns on a case-by-case basis, offering some folks either refurbished or brand new units. There’s still no official word from Samsung on the issue — and whether or not a simply software update can prevent this from happening to more devices — so it’s still unclear how many devices are affected by this strange bug.

Have any of our readers out there run into this issue on their Galaxy Note 8?

Samsung Community Forums 1, 2, 3 | via Piunikaweb

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