Google Allo might be getting multi-device support soon


Google Allo uses your phone number to connect to others using the service, which until now has limited the use of the app to a single device. However, a new APK Teardown reveals some references to multi-device support that could be coming soon. This is a feature that Android users have been asking for since the debut of Allo alongside web messaging, which was delivered earlier this year.

Now 9to5Google has done an APK Teardown on the most recent build of Google Allo and found references to multiple devices capabilities, but it’s unclear how this will work. In order to sign onto Google Allo on the web you have to scan a QR code during setup, so it’s possible that the strings found in the APK Teardown could be referencing the removal of this step rather than true multiple device support.

Still, it seems like a step in the right direction since Allo launched so bare bones. Will being able to use Allo on multiple devices encourage you to use the service more?
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