OnePlus still hasn’t made insurance available to OnePlus 5T owners


The OnePlus 5T launched a bit over a week ago and yet those who purchased the phone are still not being offered the ability to purchase insurance with the device. OnePlus was asked before the phone launched if insurance for the OnePlus 5T would be available in North America as it was for the OnePlus 5, but they answered, “Insurance for North America is not available at the moment.”

This led some buyers to believe they’d be able to get insurance on the device after purchase and was seemingly confirmed when contacting support who reassured buyers they would offer insurance soon, but that it must be added within the first 15 days of purchase. The device has been available for 10 days now, so those who bought the phone when it launched are running out of time if they want to add insurance.

Our tipster Justin contacted support to ask what the company plans on doing about the situation and it seems as though OnePlus is relying on internal memos to document launch buyers reaching out for insurance.

Justin: I bought a 5T last Tuesday, and was told by support that an insurance coverage plan similar to what was available for the 5 would be available for the 5T as well. It has been over a week, and I still see no indication of any insurance coverage being offered for the 5T. Is there a reason for this? The previous support representative said that I would need to add coverage within 15 days of purchase, and it is now day 10, and I am worried that I will miss the window for adding coverage.

*** Genevie joined the chat ***

Genevie: Thank you for contacting OnePlus Customer Support, my name is Genevie , I’d be more than happy to assist you!

Genevie: Thank you for your recent purchase of our OnePlus 5T device. Genevie: I understand that you wanted to add an insurance for the same device.

Genevie: For that, I am really sorry however the insurance is still unavailable right now. We received a lot of feedback regarding this already.

Justin: So, since this was unavailable at the time of launch, will people be given the option to retroactively add it if it becomes available in the future?

Genevie: For the insurance since you constantly make a follow up regarding this we will take note of this here on our end so the next time once it will be available there is a proof that you contacted us regarding this within the 15 days timeframe.

Genevie: Yes, I will take note of that feedback and suggestion.

Justin: Alright. Has there been any indication of the time frame for when insurance will become available?

Genevie: As of now, we still do not have a specific time as it is still unavailable.

It’s worth noting that the conversation with the support representative says she’s only making a note “since you constantly make a follow up regarding this.” So it seems sort of like a half measure to get him to stop asking about insurance. This is unfortunate and no way to treat new buyers if the company has no intention of offering additional insurance. Hopefully, OnePlus will rectify this situation for their early adopters.

Thanks, Justin!

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