Best OnePlus 5T Official Cases [VIDEO]


One of the things I love about OnePlus are their high-quality accessories. Take their cases for instance. Manufactured by Evutec, they’re sleek, stylish, and perfectly compliment the look of the OnePlus 5T. By far some of the best cases you can buy for the phone.

OnePlus was nice enough to supply us with a handful of their cases and since they vary so much in pricing, look, and finish, I figured I’ve give you guys a quick hands-on so you can see what you’re dealing with. Honestly, it’s hard to choose a favorite. I’ve been switching between almost of all of them since I’ve had the 5T in my possession, changing them out on the daily to suit my mood.

Even the TPU case that comes in the box is particularly stellar, it’s slimmer than the generic ones you’ll find on Amazon/eBay, has a nice dual-finish (matte sides, glossy back) and the smokey color looks great on the 5T. There’s not much of a lip around the sides (which I love), but the corners are subtly raised to keep the display from touching surfaces in the event of a fall or if you want to lay your phone face down somewhere. The best part? It’s complimentary and already comes inside the box, giving the OnePlus 5T a little added value.

OnePlus 5T Protective Case

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish, there are plenty of additional options to choose from. OnePlus’ snap-on Protective Case comes in as their most affordable. The hard shell case is extremely thin and comes in either Karbon ($25) which is carbon fiber covered in a soft touch silicone finish, or Sandstone ($20) which has a rubbery, rough texture to it. These are perfect if you’re just looking to add grip without all the bulk.

OnePlus 5T Silicone Protective Case

The official OnePlus 5T Silicone Protective Case is a premium case that protects 3 sides of the device, while leaving the bottom exposed. The interior of the case is covered in felt and provides a hypothetically, could provide a little extra cushion in the event of a fall. Silicone cases feel great, but I’m not totally sold on them as the constant friction in your pocket and oils from your hand can wear down the matte exterior, making it the edges look shiny and cheap. It’s also a tad bit bulkier than some of OnePlus’ thinner cases, so I’m not a fan.

OnePlus 5T Bumper Case

Moving up in protection you have OnePlus’ Bumper Case which comes in either Karbon, Ebony Wood, or Rosewood finishes. It seems this is the only option for those who prefer the wood look (at least for now) and will run you $30. These cases completely cover all sides of the phone with a fused TPU border lip. Keep in mind that lip is still pretty minimal — again, something I love about these cases — and although they’re thicker than the included TPU case around the sides of the phone, the back is incredibly thin and doesn’t add much bulk.

The OnePlus 5T is already a beautiful looking device. The ability to outfit the phone with OnePlus’ wonderfully well-designed cases doesn’t feel like you’re sh*tting all over that design, more like you’re dressing the phone with a hip new outfit. I can’t possibly recommend these cases enough and if you’re keen picking these up, you can use our referral link below to get $20 off when you buy them with a shiny new OnePlus 5T.

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