Nov 22nd, 2017

Everyone knows one of the best features of Uber is the ability to see exactly where your ride is on a map. You don’t know to wonder when your ride will arrive. It’s right there on a map. But what about your location as the passenger? How does the driver know where you are?

Uber has added live location sharing for passengers now too. For those times when there’s not an easy spot for a pick-up, your driver will be able to see exactly where you are on a map. This should help a lot in those situations where your driver spends 10 minutes driving in circles because they can’t find you.

Another helpful feature for passengers is Beacons. Uber has been slowly rolling this out, but it’s expanding to NYC, SF, and Chicago. A Beacon is a light in the driver’s windshield that you can control in the Uber app. Pick whatever color light you want and it will be easier to identify your ride at night.

[via Uber]

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