Samsung reveals its AI-focused UX for the Galaxy S9


At an event in China, Samsung finally brought Bixby Voice to the country, but also shared some goodies regarding the Galaxy S9. The biggest of which is a new rebranding of the UI, which has been dubbed ‘Samsung Galaxy AI UX’.

This shows the companies determination to continue growing Bixby, while also making artificial intelligence of utmost importance for its upcoming flagship. Not much else was shared regarding what this new UX could include, but we are sure that Bixby will be at the forefront.

Back in September, we learned that Samsung has increased its research and development of chipsets which would be dedicated to processing AI data. This was further confirmed after a report claimed that Samsung made a substantial investment in DeePhi Tech, a new startup focused on AI.

The downside to the rebranding has nothing to do with the software of the Samsung Galaxy S9, but instead, it seems that the Bixby button is likely here to stay. Let us know what you think about whether the Galaxy S9 will be AI focused, and how it will be implemented.


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