Amazon debuts all-new Product (RED) Amazon Echo


When the 2nd-generation Amazon Echo was debuted earlier this year, there was no mention of a special edition version in the works. But that’s exactly what we were greeted with yesterday, as there is a new Product (RED) version of the Echo that is available for pre-order starting today.

With each purchase of this special edition Amazon Echo, 10% (or $10) will be donated to fighting AIDS through the Global Fund. This is not the first Product (RED) device that we’ve seen released, as Apple dedicated a special version of the iPhone 7 Plus to the cause last year.

This Echo doesn’t offer any additional functionality that the standard version doesn’t already include. However, you’ll be helping a great cause, and you could always pick up an extra decorative shell to make the Echo match your room properly.

Nonetheless, the Product (RED) Amazon Echo is now available for pre-order from Amazon today, and is priced at $99.99. The Echo will be released on December 6th, so you’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks before getting your hands on this one.

Hit the button below if you’re interested in supporting a great cause, while having a rather fancy-looking Amazon Echo in your home.

Buy the Product (RED) Amazon Echo


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