7 ways you can use Google Assistant to make the most of Thanksgiving


Turkey Day is just around the corner for folks in the United States, which means plenty of great food and good company to be had (as long as you avoid talking about politics). Whether you’ve got a couple thousand miles to travel to be with family this holiday season or you’re the one prepping the turkey for 12 people, Google Assistant is there to help.

Check out this short list of commands you can use to help you get the most out of your Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Check the Traffic

If you’ve got to travel before you’ll arrive at the holiday festivities, you can say “Okay Google, how’s the traffic?” to find out whether or not you’re facing any major delays.

2. Use the Timer

There’s nothing worse than going through all the trouble of prepping a tasty dinner for your guests, only to burn a dish because you couldn’t keep track of time. Use the command “Okay Google, set a turkey timer for 4 hours.” to keep track of that bird while you’re cooking.

3. Shopping List

Conversely, one of the most annoying parts of holiday cooking is when you get into the kitchen and realize you’re missing an important ingredient. Nip that in the bud by keeping track of everything you need in a shopping list. Just say, “Okay Google, add stuffing and cranberry sauce to my shopping list.”

4. Play A Game

Want to have fun with your family while you’re waiting for dinner? You can say “Okay Google, play Thanksgiving Mad Libs” and have fun with the whole family.

5. Here A Joke

Google Assistant comes with its own sense of humor, but there’s a special set of Thanksgiving stories, too. Say, “Okay Google, tell me a turkey story” to hear one of them.

6. Learn About Thanksgiving

Curious about the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving? Want to know something you might not already know about the holiday? You can say, “Okay Google, give me a fun fact about Thanksgiving” to hear a collection of facts.

7. Get Ready For Christmas

Once the turkey is sliced up and waiting to be turned into tasty turkey leftovers, there’s only one thing left to do. It’s time for Christmas music! Google Assistant can help you get into the holiday spirit with the command, “Okay Google, play holiday music.”
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