Google Allo adds new moderation controls for group chats and Snapchat-like selfie cam


With every update, Allo — Google’s instant messaging app — is getting a little closer to parity when compared against competing services. They still have a long way to go, but a new update rolling out today is bringing some welcomed changes to the app.

New in Allo version 22 are new moderation tools for group chats. When creating new group chats, you can now now assign multiple admins who have the ability to kick or permanently ban users from a group, edit the group name or photo, or give other’s admin rights. Unfortunately it seems the new Group Chat Controls are only available for new group chats you create, which means existing ones wont have the same options available (unless everyone leaves and starts over).

Selfie clips are also a new feature that bring Snapchat-like animated GIFs and videos to your chats. Pressing the camera button on the bottom right (yes, there are 2 camera buttons now) will display a popup view finder. Tapping the shutter button will record a GIF, while holding the button will begin recording a video stopping after you’ve released it. The popup can be expanded to take a photo, add stickers to it, or record a video in full view.

The update is already live in the Google Play Store, so if you want to give it a spin, check it via the link below.

via 9to5Google

Download on Google Play: Allo

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