The OnePlus 5T reportedly won’t have the “jelly scroll effect”


When the OnePlus 5 was released, it was revealed that the display was actually installed “upside-down”, which caused a jelly scrolling effect. For good reason, there were concerns that the OnePlus 5T would suffer from the same problems, however that may not be the case.

Since the OnePlus 5T has been announced, the company has released the kernel source code, where some good news was found. With the OnePlus 5, there was a “panel orientation kernel flag” which was present, but according to the source code of the OnePlus 5T, this same “kernel flag” does not appear.

This discovery likely means that the display panel is not inverted, meaning that the OnePlus 5T likely won’t have jelly scrolling issues. This is great news for those who refused to pick up the OnePlus 5 after the jelly scrolling effect was discovered, opening the doors for many more folks to pick up the OnePlus 5T.

Let us know what you think about this latest report and if you’ll be picking up the OnePlus 5T for yourself or someone else.

[XDA Developers]


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