Google claims to have fixed its Pixel 2 trade-in program


Last week, we saw reports that Google’s trade-in program for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL was not “working as advertised”. Various users reported receiving estimates from Google, only to be told by Google that the entire amount would not be honored for devices that either weren’t recognized or that weren’t “properly factory reset”.

Thanks to the Pixel User Community, it seems that this issue has been fixed, with a Community Manager offering the following statement:

Hey All,

Want to add a bit of clarification here. We launched our Trade In program to make it easier for customers to get money back on their old devices so they can put it towards a new phone. Once we receive a device, we check the condition of the phone against the information provided by the customer and the vast majority of customers receive their original estimate. We are always looking at ways to improve the program and if anyone is unhappy with their offer, they should contact us.  We have identified and fixed the issue related to Pixels not being found to be factory reset and/or misclassified as another device.  If you believe you were impacted, please contact customer support.

It seems that there are still some that are suffering from issues with the trade-in program, and this is likely to take a few days for Google to get everything situated. With the Pixel 2 lineup seemingly flying off of store shelves, it’s absolutely important that Google gets this issue rectified for its potential buyers. Let us know if you’ve run into any similar issues and if you’ve had the problem rectified by Google!


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