Files Go is Google’s latest take on file management


On Monday, someone at Google slipped up and pushed an unreleased file manager application onto the Play Store. The app was subsequently pulled, but now, the Files Go beta application is available on the Play Store for everyone to download.

Files Go offers a different take on file management, as it is primarily designed to make file transfer between devices much easier. However, the problem with the application is that you can’t actually access the file system on your device. Instead, Files Go will help you clean up your on-device storage, to make sure that you never run out of space.

The real fun here comes with the File Transfer functionality, as you can quickly send and receive files without the need of an internet connection. When attempting to transfer the files, Files Go will act as a “fast hotspot” and will need for you to set a username before getting underway.

The catch with Files Go is that both users will need the application to be installed, if you’re attempting to transfer files. In my testing with the app, the file transferred in just a matter of seconds, and I was able to pull up the full-resolution image on the receiving device.

If you want to give Files Go a shot, hit the button below, and be sure to let us know what you think about Google’s latest application.

Download Files Go


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