Nov 9th, 2017

The Essential 360 Camera is one of the most interesting things about the newly-discounted Essential Phone, but it’s gotten even better now that Essential has added support for 360-degree live-streaming via Facebook Live. The news was announced in a new blog post today and promised that Twitter’s Periscope would be getting support, too.

How to start a Facebook Live 360 broadcast

  1. Connect your Essential 360 cam to your Essential Phone
  2. Swipe left to select 360° Live
  3. Tap the red Live camera icon
  4. Log in to your Facebook account
  5. Give permission to the camera
  6. Tap Only me and then select who you want to see your stream
  7. Tap the red Live camera icon to start

The camera supports streaming in 2K and 4K and you can optionally upload your 360-degree streams to services like YouTube and Vimeo. Essential sells the Essential 360 Camera mod for $199 by itself, but if you’ve yet to pick up an Essential phone you can save $20 bucks on the camera when you pick them up together.

If you have this device, are you happy with the level of updates and new features the phone has gotten since release?

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