T-Mobile Nest Security Pack aims to keep your home safe all of the time


Nest has been rather busy as of late as the company moved into the home security system sector with the Nest Secure. This acts as the main alarm system with a brand-new take on the keypad alarm that many folks currently have installed on their walls. But the cool thing is that you can simply disarm the system by either inputting the security code or using Nest Tags.

Today, T-Mobile has announced the “T-Mobile Nest security pack” which includes the following products:

  • The Nest Secure alarm system, with
  • a Nest Guard base with keypad, motion detector, alarm and cellular backup service,
  • two Nest Detect motion and open/close sensors,
  • and two Nest Tag key fobs,
  • and a Nest Cam Indoor security camera with Nest Aware service, providing intelligent alerts and 10 days of continuous video recording.

However, the bigger reason why this is such a big deal is that Nest primarily relies on your home Wi-Fi network to operate, which leaves you in the dust in the case of an outage. T-Mobile has announced that it will be the “exclusive cellular backup provider” for the Nest Secure system, making sure that your home is always secure, no matter what.

The Nest Security Pack is priced at $480, but you can get it for $240 down and $10 per month via T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan. Then, since you’ll need to be connected to the network at all times as a backup, you’ll need to pay $10 per month for both T-Mobile’s services and the Nest Aware service.

T-Mobile will begin carrying the Nest Security Pack on November 10th in T-Mobile retail locations, as well as through its online storefront.



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