NVIDIA Shield TV gets discounted to a very reasonable $170 [DEALS]


If you’re looking for a great deal on an NVIDIA Shield TV, you might wanna skip on over to Amazon where the pseudo gaming console/Android TV set top box is going for the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. Discounted to $170, that’s a full $30 cheaper than when the device first launched and it still comes with both the remote for navigating, and analog controller for intense gaming sessions.

For those unaware, the NVIDIA Shield TV is one of the most powerful and well-supported streaming devices around. With the ability to use Google Cast in 4K, apps like Netflix and Amazon TV in 4K HDR, or YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, and more in 4K — it’s the perfect device for your top of the line television. And for those with a GeForce-powered PC, you can stream your games to your TV in glorious 4K HDR/60fps.

The NVIDIA Shield TV already has a handful of exclusive Android titles, so you’re always be able to find something to do. Let’s not forget the most recent Shield Experience 6.1 update that introduced YouTube TV, SmartThings Link to control your smart home products, and Google Assistant. Yeah, It’s pretty damn impressive. If you’re looking to get one for yourself or as a gift for the holidays, buy link provided below.

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