Nov 7th, 2017

You can no longer stream HDR video at 1440p using the YouTube app for Android. The option has been removed, likely due to performance issues, leaving 1080p as the sharpest format available.

Support for HDR content was brought to the YouTube app back in September. You need a device that’s compatible with HDR to enjoy it, so it’s only available on a handful of flagship devices for now — and they all have super-sharp screens.

They also have the fastest processors available right now, and yet, many still struggled to play HDR content at 1440p. Videos this sharp often stuttered and dropped frames, forcing users to drop the resolution to 1080p.

Now you won’t have to do that manually, because the 1440p option has been removed. Google has left 1080p as the maximum resolution for HDR videos for now. It’s unclear whether 1440p will be back once the issues are fixed.

It could be that Google has to wait for even more powerful devices that don’t struggle to play 1440p video. We should point out, however, that this applies to HDR content only — 1440p should still be an option for other videos.

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