Google Assistant can finally recognize music by asking it “What song is this?”


One of the more useful features found on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is Now Playing. The feature allows for the phone to identify music that’s being playing, displaying it either on the lockscreen or via a notification. Oddly enough, music/song recognition has been baked into Google Now for years now, but for whatever reason wasn’t available in Google Assistant but that’s soon about to change.

An update to Google Assistant is rolling out to users that allows it to identify music being played in your vicinity. While your non-Pixel 2 device wont be able to passively listen for music 24/7, you can ask it “What song is this?” after which it will analyze the track and tell you the song, artist, show you some of the lyrics, and provide with links to listen on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, or perform a Google search.

It’s almost odd that it took Google this long to add this feature into Assistant. Since Google Assistant launched, the virtual assistant would tell you that it can’t recognize music right now, hinting that the functionality would be added somewhere down the road. Who would have thought it’d take this long.

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