Nov 7th, 2017

Huawei surpassed Apple as the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world a few months ago and now they’re setting their sights on the top spot currently occupied by Samsung. Huawei has reached near saturation in certain markets like China and the Middle East, but the brand is still considered weak in the South Asian, Indian, and North American markets.

Despite that, Huawei plans on introducing its own ‘Made for Huawei’ brand of certified accessories to sell alongside its phones. A source in China says that the first accessory in the program will be a USB-C to HDMI adapter that will be sold alongside the Huawei Mate 10 series.

Say what you will about smartphone manufacturers offering dongles for connectivity to their devices, but a certified accessory program lends legitimacy to a brand which is exactly what Huawei wants to see for expanding beyond its already saturated markets.

Do you think this accessory initiative will be successful for Huawei? Let us know in the comments.

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